Our first trip in the pod happened in June.  It was a trial run, our chance to find what kind of trouble we’ve gotten ourselves into.  Turns out it wasn’t much trouble.  Except for the heat of summer, which required leaving the A/C running full time, we had a wonderful time.

Some things we learned:

  • Camping with a trailer is really about finding a spot to park the Pod and using that as a base to explore the surrounding towns and sites.  We thought we were just going to the state park.  We saw everything else in the area (except the Black Canyon of the Gunnison, unfortunately)  instead.
  • The A/C is very loud.  It works great.  But it’s very loud.
  • The A/C is in the roof and has output vents on the sides.  This causes cold air to low along the roof into the bunk beds.  The top bunk gets all the cold air.  The bottom bunk gets indirect cold air.  I’m going to fix this by drilling some holes in the top bunk near the roof/wall.  If necessary, I’ll add some PVC to make sure the vents aren’t blocked by my bedding.
  • When it’s very hot and your very sweaty, a hot shower is wonderful.  The shower was the big hit of the trip.
  • We didn’t use the toilet.  We’re scared of stinking each other into the wilderness.
  • Using the inside propane stove in the heat of summer is a bad idea.  Bring charcoal and cook outside (or a portable outside cookstove).
  • Dogs like memory foam mattresses too.  “Cody, get off the bed” was a common phrase.
  • Dogs stink a lot after swimming in cold streams in Telluride, a short drive from Ridgeway State Park.  I need to get the water filter storage mod going.

2 Responses to Trip 1: Ridgeway State Park, CO

  1. We have the 2013 rp 177 and our tv is a 2007 Toyota Tacoma. Luckily there are no mountain passes here in Florida but eventually we plan on taking a trip out west. I’m sure the Taco will grunt some in the mountains.

    I posted this because it does my heart good to see we are not the only ones who camp with three dogs. Ours are Shelties and somewhat smaller though one of them is handicapped and uses a cart. We would not think about going without them. In all our trips we have never had a problem, even when leaving them alone in the pod while running to the store in town. They think the pod is their personal dog house and they get along fine by themselves in it.

    Take care. Enjoyed the pictures.

    Tom & Gloria, Port Charlotte, Florida

    • mjhammel says:

      It’s wonderful to see you helping one of them out with the cart. I’ve seen those on TV. Ours have had a number of surgeries (knees, bladders, fatty tumors, etc.). It sometimes dumbfounds us what we do for them. We never even go for checkups ourselves.

      The pups love the pod. They were a little unsure on the first trip but they loved the next two. I think they actually know when the weekends get here and wonder why we’re not going anywhere! They’re a little cramped on the pod but they love lying in the R-Dome. They don’t run off – they’re happy to stick with us.

      Anyway, glad you enjoyed the photos. Feel free to stop back by the blog and let us know how your mountain trips go!

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