This is a place to tell the world about our adventures with three dogs in a Forest River R-Pod. The dogs you’ve met: Reba, Bailey and Cody.  Bailey and Cody are pure-bred Golden Retrievers, but not related.  Reba is a rescue that we’re pretty sure is related to a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever.  Us?  We’re humans.  Pure-bred.  Mike and Brinda.  Brinda makes custom designed tablet covers and purses from recycled record albums.  Mike writes embedded software.  Long live the penguin.

It’s a given that anything you do with three dogs involving travel is bound to provide humorous anecdotes.  It’s yet to be seen how much humor they provide packed inside the dinette area during a rain storm after rolling around in stagnant pond water.  But whatever the outcome, this is where we’ll put it.

We have certain habits that will be hard to give up on the road, such as watching SouthPark before bed with a cup of hot Darjeeling.  We intend to make this rolling mansion provide all the comforts and support all the habits we’ve grown accustomed to in the larger version without wheels or a marine battery.

With luck we’ll have plenty of pictures of all the mods we’ve done or planned.  Stay tuned. We’ll see where this adventure goes.

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