img_0084This state park in Colorado surrounds a reservoir deep in the rockies but not to far off I-25.  The drive in takes you through a small town where we stopped for a meal.  The town is filled with gas workers working the many rigs in the area.  After deciding we’re against all that drilling, we’ll probably skip this site in the future.

Despite this we really enjoyed the trip, mostly due to our side trip up the road to Rifle Falls.  This is a really pretty waterfall and stream with a nice hike around it and an overlook from the top of the falls.  This day-only park had a lot of visitors but it didn’t feel over crowded.  Most of our pictures from this trip are from the falls.

Rifle Gap’s campsite is wide open with few trees, but we had a nice view of he reservoir.  Unlike this year in Colorado, which is wetter than it has been in years, last year was bone dry and the reservoir was rather low.  The nice thing about Colorado State parks is how well they are maintained.  The site was immaculate and the restrooms very clean.

Some of the other photos we have from this trip are from a rest stop outside of Vail, Colorado.  It’s a beautiful spot along I-70 that includes a long bike path (which runs for many miles) and views of both greenery and snow topped mountains.  There was even a little stream for the dogs to play in.

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