If you’re new to trailers, there are some things you need to do to prepare.

  1. Watch The Long, Long Trailer.  If you still want a trailer after that, you’re probably drunk.  But, it’s really only bad at the start.  Prepare your nickles and dimes (in dollar denominations, of course).  There will be many places to spend them before you ever get out of the driveway.  And while we’re still pretty new to trailer life, we’d be pleasantly surprised if any resorts have valet parking.
  2. Make sure you’re tow vehicle can tow the trailer.  SUVs don’t pull much.  The R-Pod is about as light as you get before you drop down to A-frame pop ups.  There are a few light ones out there.  Pick your poison.
  3. Make sure you can stop the trailer.  Get a really good brake controller.  Really.  A good one.  Use the extra nickles.
  4. Plan on taking nothing.  If you’re in the US, remember:  you aren’t in dark ages Europe.  You’ll pass through a few towns on the way.  Buy what you need when you need it.  Why tow around a bunch of stuff you really won’t use?
  5. Did you know that if the trailer has a bathroom, sleeping area and kitchen then the interest on the loan is deductible as a second home?  And trailer loans have longer terms for paying it back.  You buy a trailer for life, apparently.  At least we did.  I don’t see trading in the Pod for a while.  If we do, it’ll be to buy a Class B with a Sprinter chassis.  Or a big ol’ Airstream.  We have big dreams.

In the end, it’s worth all the effort.  Remember:  this isn’t an investment.  It’s an adventure.  Keep that in mind.  The money spent is, in the end, worth it.  At the time of this writing we’ve been on exactly one trip.  Seriously.  And I’m glad to be broke.  The dogs love the Pod.  So do we.


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